Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Hip is a venue made up of independent Sellers who run their own stores. This means that each Seller is responsible for their own policies regarding refunds, exchanges, and returns. Individual policies will vary from shop to shop.

Before purchasing, it is best to locate and get familiar with the Store’s Returns & exchanges policy. You can view this information in the listing details tab on an individual listing page.

Specific questions about a Store's policies are best answered by the Seller. You can contact the Seller by submitting your message through the 'Question' tab before ordering to get clarification.

Returning an item

It’s important to have a return agreement with the Seller before you ship an item back. This means you’ll want to ensure that you have the following:
  • Written confirmation from the seller via Messages or PayPal's case system that they’ll accept the return
  • A return shipping address provided by the seller
  • The time-frame in which the seller expects to receive the returned item
  • An agreement determining which party is responsible for the cost of return shipping (the buyer or the seller)
  • We also recommend holding on to all records of return shipment (like tracking information or a postal receipt) in case further action is required.
Since each Seller runs their own store, Hip is not directly involved in transactions between individual buyers and sellers.

This also means when you encounter an issue with a transaction (such as a non-delivery or an item not being as described), we ask that you first contact the Seller directly to work towards a resolution.

While it’s our hope that both the buyer and seller will come to a mutual resolution, we can’t guarantee this will be the case. If the Seller does not respond within a reasonable amount of time, or you're unable to resolve the matter with the Seller, please file a claim with PayPal, as your eligible purchase + shipping cost will be covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection. For more information on PayPal's Buyer Protection, and how to file a claim, please see:

Note that as we are not directly involved in the payment between the Buyer and Seller, we can not initiate a refund ourselves, but by following the above instructions you should be able to receive a prompt refund from PayPal when applicable.
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